Terms Of Service

These Terms of Service apply to you as visitor or advertiser at fullads.net.

1. If you use our advertising services, but your program doesn't pay or damages the customer somehow, we have the right to disable your advertisement.

2. All purchased items are non-refundable, as the items are instantly delivered upon purchase.

fullads.net Team will record all orders invoices, as well as all transaction IDs and the IPs of all our clients.

In case of need to proof the instant delivery of our items, we keep all documents in a good condition.

The fullads.net Terms of Service are visible within every page of the site too.

3. Every Customer have the right to request a change of his Advertisement title /text /banner url /Ref-Link only once.

When you Copy/Paste your Referral Link, make sure that you provide to us the right Referral Link and there are no missing characters !

We are not responsible for wrong provided Referral Links, and we don't owe you compensation.

4. fullads.net do not accept sites that contain violence, illegal material or content, adult content (18+), politics or religion.

Do not submit the following: Any site intended to defraud or mislead, malware, cloud mining investments, ponzi and/or hyip schemes, oil/gas investments, nsfw (not safe for work) content, copyright infringing sites (torrents/warez), url shorteners, frame breakers, executable downloads, browser based miners, randomized links, anonymous shops or any other questionable content.

5. To suit our development, we have the right to update our advertising system and adjust prices for advertising, at any time and without any notify.

6. Participation in our website means that you have read, understood and accepted our terms of use.

Any claims for failure to comply with the terms above will not be resolved.